We feature the work of R. Ellis Orrall and more self-taught artists such as Mose Tolliver, Sybil Gibson, Artist Chuckie, Howard Finster, R A Miller, and others.

Thanks for coming to SCIENCE FAIR! The Nashville Scene said: "R. Ellis Orrall is the slightly abbreviated nom d'artiste of singer/songwriter/producer Robert Ellis Orrall, the man behind Infinity Cat Recordings and proud papa of the brothers JEFF the Brotherhood. As if that weren't enough, Ellis is also a painter of skewed autobiographical narratives that combine nave renderings with keen observations that are at once confessional and absurd. This latest show at Estel Gallery riffs on the staging of an elementary school science fair, and through Ellis' skewed doodlings, we learn that all white mice always die, most really expensive food is French and that it's fun and easy to make wine out of grape juice. While many songwriters are satisfied just to be clever, Ellis' work is shot through with a genuine zaniness that should make this show a delight." Thank you very much to the wonderful Estel Gallery,
NEXT SHOW: Welcome To 1979 March 9 at 8 pm. 17 artists in an awesome recording studio. 1110 48th Ave N. Nashville TN 37209


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Hello. Someone on your gift list wants an R. Ellis Orrall book! How about the brand new My Bike Sucks, the story of Christmas 1963 and a little boy who did NOT get his dream bike, the Sting Ray. Buy it right HERE or order an autigraphed copy direct from the author. Or maybe the BOOK book. It contains full color reproductions of 52 new works by R. Ellis Orrall. The Nashville Scene says "This self-taught cult art hero "piggybacks" his paintings over existing artwork found at garage sales and thrift stores. This collection consists of hardcover books whose titles have been reinterpreted to fit the artist's unique narratives." See it and buy it right here: 112 pages, perfect bound, 8 1/2 X 11, full color. $34.95 HERE! order an autographed copy direct from the author. Or how about R. Ellis Orrall's sweet children's book, "Counting Sheep"? Counting Sheep is the story of a boy who can't get to sleep because the sheep he was counting have escaped to the woods for a crazy dance party. They keep him up all night, uhtil he awakens to find it was all a dream! (24 pages) $11.95 HERE or order direct from the author and recieve a free CD with a musical version of the story!


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